Biblioaccés Vall d'Or

El catàleg permet localitzar tots els recursos bibliogràfics de Bibliovalldor com llibres, revistes, música i pel·lícules

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This form allows you to process the registration of the user card of the Valldoreix library.

It can be filled in by people residing in Catalonia, who are 14 years or older and who are doing it for the first time.

Once the form has been delivered, you must go personally to the library (when library is open) and show your DNI or NIE to validate and collect it.

In order to request a card for children under 14 years of age, the kid should go to the library (when it is open) accompanied by his/her parent or guardian who must sign the authorization form and show DNI / NIE, as well as the DNI / NIE of the / of the minor, in case he/she has it.

The use of the card means the acceptance of the Rules of the Valldoreix's Library .

  1. Home library: Biblio@ccés Vall D' Or
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